"BOA" company was established in 2009. 

This is a young Russian brand that combines the best craftsmen of jewelry, tanning and sewing skills.

The main direction of the company is the production of shaped bags made of  leather.


At the beginning, we just produced bags and accessories made from exotic leathers, working as a small company. Simultaneously, we continued to come up with new models, to invent new forms. But, like any designer, we have always wanted to do something unique. Having found something of interest on the Internet, we immediately finished the development of this model and started all over again: sketches, drawings, technology, the search for analogues, viewing of tens of thousands of models and designs during many years of the production.

A few years later, we got the desired result of our design and began its further development. The basis of this design is shoe technology of seamless bag assembly, lack of corners and edges, only clearly adjusted due to aviation precision radii. It is very difficult and expensive to make fakes of such bags. The more we studied it, the more it became clear that this formative niche was empty. But after this pleasant discovery, it became clear why it was empty. It turned out that to manufacture such bags a large number of operations and constituent elements of various sectors and areas of production were necessary. All this is very expensive and time consuming. (A famous brand, of course, does not need it. Where there is fame there is no place for creativity but bare commerce.) But we risked. Each step was studied. Plenty of trial and error out of ignorance of these issues entailed huge losses in time and money. And finally, this stage was also passed. Now we are well aware of vacuum forming and injection molding, casting and machining of metals, in processing and dyeing of leather and fur, galvanizing, etc. etc.



Two plastic troughs are necessary to make the body of a single molded bag. The troughs are obtained by vacuum molding of a sheet material on special pad-blanks. Processed interior and exterior leather which is exposed to constant wetting and stretching to fit the needs and give the leather the form of the future of the bag is further stretched on the similar pads of a slightly different size. After several hours of natural drying ready molded leather is removed from the pad and stick to the troughs cut to fit the right size and treated with sandpaper.

Thus, we obtain troughs covered with the face leather  and lining, to which halves of zippers are attached, while TANG models have plastic frames perfectly  fitted to each other, covered with leather. Then we make all the other elements: side curtains, outer and inner bottom, tab with pockets and other details. All edges are bent inward and sewn –thus, the problem of cracked paint is excluded. Handles of the desired shape and size are machined from laminated leather bar, glued over the finishing leather and stitched using a rare special method. Then the process of fitting and assembly takes place. Sometimes fitting pads accuracy of fitting troughs reaches 0.1mm! In bag manufacturing process from 3 to 7 of different pads are involved. Finishing work includes the installation of the outer and inner labels, and handles.

In total it takes from 50 to 100 hours of highly skilled manual labor of craftsmen to create a single bag.


As for finishing materials ´BOA´ uses only natural materials: natural leather, furs, expensive fabrics. The main task is to show the natural beauty of the leather, its types, methods of processing and coloring. Therefore ´BOA´ avoids using riveting, tacks, extra seams and all sorts of tassels, distracting attention from the whole fabric of the leather face of the bag. We try to use leather made using natural ingredients. As any person takes care of his own skin,  most kinds of our leather are subjected to further processing these are greasing, dairy processing, grinding, peeling, coloring, aging, etc.

Fatliquoring and dairy processing are used for certain types of leather, to provide leather with additional flexibility and leather tactility and for cleaning it from residues of different emulsifiers, acids, and other constituents, which appear after leather  tanning and coloring. During a few hours, leather is soaked in warm mare´s milk which is low in fat and high in lactose, with the addition of natural fish oil.


Grinding, peeling and combing are used for full or partial removal of the varnish or of the upper layers of the leather to produce nubuck, half-nubuk, giving it a light hairiness and achieving indescribable tactile sensations, which in turn makes the surface of leather softer and more susceptible to minor physical abuse, that make leather aged and vintage in the course of time. (We rarely use varnished types of leather, as varnishes do not allow the skin to "breathe").

Thereafter, leather may further be subjected to partial or full coloring, including vintage and other kinds of coloring, as well as multi-coloring and metallization.

The final stage, as a rule, includes 2-3 applications of wax-based water-repellent creams and nanotechnology surface treatments that are performed directly on the finished product.

As lining leather we most often use thin pig burgundy cherry suede. On request, it can be a different material or color.


Accessories made of brass, designed by the brand, are produced partly in Russia and partly in Italy. Galvanic coatings include nickel plating, gilding (999.5), palladizing (95.0), antique brass. There may be other options. Precious metals coating thickness is from 0.05 micron to 5 microns.


We use Italian zippers Raccagni which are the best in the world.


High-strength polyester Gral threads with special impregnation produced by European concern Coats makes it possible to sew together various materials used in the manufacture of bags. Among these materials are different cartons, fabrics, furs, all kinds of leather, food plastic, and they are used to form the shape of the future bag body.

Our bags are famous for their contrasting color combinations, quality materials, exclusive accessories, patented design.
Handwork and personalization are the basic principles of our brand.

Welcome to the world of ВОА!